Slow down and breathe…

Just stop and breathe…

As you are reading this I want you to just pause for a moment and take a deep, slow breath. In for 4, out for 8. And again. One more time. Everything is ok. It is always ok. It always will be ok. It’s just we tend to forget that everything is ok in the midst of running around trying to fit everything in that we think is so important. Even as we are doing things our minds are already onto the next thing, or dwelling on past events; worry, panic, fear ensues. Or sometimes we are just running through the endless lists of things we must do.

In today’s hectic world keeping up with everything can sometimes be too much. And we forget to breathe. Its takes a few precious seconds, to just bring us down a level. But we get caught up and forget. Life can seem sometimes like an endless whirlwind of activity, always doing something. And if we are not doing something we feel guilty about it. It’s ok. It’s ok to just be for a minute. Push that guilt aside and allow yourself to just be. Stare into space, sit on a bench, drink a tea, lie on your bed; not watching telly or reading or talking or listening, just being. It is here we will find our breath. Here we will find peace. Here we will discover a little bit of ourselves again. The human being, rather than the human doing.

Breathe, slow down and start letting things slide; say no to that social event, do that paperwork tomorrow. The world will not stop if you take some time for you. In fact it will seem even more alive, for you are life and this gift of time has been given to you. Don’t waste it. See everything around you, hear everything around you, appreciate where you are. You only live once, don’t let it fly past you.

Just remember to breathe…..